The New Kid

Getting to know Bradley

Kevin, Michael, Tommy and Braiden are all 10, and have all lived on Buttercup Lane for as long as they can remember. One day the bus stopped at the old and creepy Mayfair House and Bradley, the new kid got on.

This even interrupted their usual morning banter, indeed he was the focus of all the children on the bus’ interest. Bradly, a child small for his age and dressed in clothes that someones parent might make them wear to Sunday school, was an immediate target for bullying, but the gang did mostly stand up for him. Kevin went so far as to peg a young child making fun of him in the head with a novel wrapped in a rubber band to keep it aerodynamic. It’s unknown whether that was entirely a protective act, but it’s suspected that he wanted to do it anyway and this provided a good excuse.

As the bullying and fighting ensued, the drama came to a head as Bradley let out a piercing shriek “NOOOOOOOO!” at which exact time a tire of the bus exploded sending it careening off the road. Perhaps careen wasn’t exactly the way to describe it…but it did make a rocky exit from the roadway and the children did get a little banged up. Groucho, the bus driver herded all the children off the bus, keeping them quiet but almost all eyes were on Bradley and rumors started to circulate about how he made the bus crash.



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